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Reviews for "Captain Falcon!!"

Hahahah so typical xD

Can it BE more Japanise???
Seriosly, that's so funny!

Hulalaoo responds:

lmao men

Gotta love the captain.

I got a great laugh from this,the animation looked quite funny and the audio from the clip of the Captain Falcon anime was a great fit,overall it was great for a first flash and a sweet short for a good laugh.

Hulalaoo responds:

o.o ! molovot ! i love you animation ! thanks, is jsut the clip of the scene


It made me laugh... a lot.
I also like how well you did the animation, usually whenever someone makes something about a genitalia joke they suddenly lose about 70% of the quality which you didn't.
Well done good sir.

Hulalaoo responds:

in this up 20%


Ignore the other guys, this is not another kirb wannabe flash, i can see he put a decent amount of effort into it and he deserves a 10 and a 5.

Hulalaoo responds:

thanks my King for see the invisiblo ! :3


I have no idea what I just watched

Hulalaoo responds:

whach my dick moron