Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D"

awesomeness in a can!!!

anyone notice how the tetris pieces and the stickman move like in sync with the music?

i can wistle the third one.

i actualy managed to learn how to wistle the main part of the third vidio's music. like when the machenes shoot at stick fighure guy, i can wistle the music that plays durring that, and then some. i get sick after, but its worth it!


The music was great and the animation was smooth. The robot took away from the simplicity of it, really. The fact that the tetris was fell down keeping it's shape instead of turning at angle was good; defying the laws of physics. Towards the end it got worse as the tetris was falling at angles and the robot wasn't to good. I would have enjoyed to see him move around a bit more as opposed to a big tower but that's just in my opinion. So, yeah... Great work!


cool vidio


goodie goodie good!one thing,how must i get to the game?