Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

For the father land!

well i can saftly say it was pretty entertaining fighting off the america's for a change. Pretty decent game. love the whole shadow scheme.

The perfect defense

I can swear this is the most exigent and rigorous game I have played in a long time. you shold be constantly concentrated or they will blow you up.

I wish I can vote 20/10 or 30/10. Man!! It's awsome.

Amazing Game...

The graphics were pretty good and the game was REALLY FUN! The thing I enjoyed the most, however, was the backstory and the cutscenes. It showed real events of World War 2, and some of the cutscenes were actually made me feel sad. The only thing I could suggest is an upgrade screen after each day, such as increasing the amount of ammunition and firepower due to supply trucks coming in. Besides that, this game was AMAZING, I salute the voice acting, and this is one of my favourite games on Newgrounds.




Very good game , thumb s up!