Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

Not very nice,since:
1. There's only one weapon.
2. There's no upgrades.
Not a lot of complains,only 2. 2.5/5 3/10

Another perspective?

You know, I've read like the first 50 reviews on this, and they're all very positive about the 'other perspective', and tell the people that the German's in WW2 just were ordinary people as well, similar to the Americans - but since I am a German myself, and know therefore very well what happened from 1937 till 1945 in Germany, I got to tell you, that the great majority of Germans that time really were racist, believed the German culture to be superior and all that stuff. Because of the great propaganda machine, the exceptions from the regular patriotic point of view was merely existent - a few of those did not support it, but anyone who truly disagreed with it, emigrated soon. It was very clear what was happening to everyone, and if all your Jewish neighbours just 'disappear' somehow, you DO know something terrible is happening.
Maybe it was not their fault that they were like this, but it was just like this. Even nowadays some very old people (only few) greet instictively with 'Heil Hitler' because they are becoming senile - note that this is actually illegal over here.
Surely, the modern German society is not so different from that of other European countries, but every German (should) learn in school - at least in our form of the grammar school - a lot about this time, so it becomes clear, that you can't just let this change of perspective happen that easily. There's much more to it, the matter is complex one.
Since about 1968 - you know, the 68's revolution and stuff - we handle this matter quite openly in Germany. It's taught in school, it's dealt with regularily in newspapers or magazines and books. Although there is hardly nobody alive who is responsibly from that time anymore, there is a great guilt to be carried, so we try our best to what can be done. It's nothing really, you can't price a life. But that whole matter is really nothing where you are able to swap perspectives. Just wanted to tell, so don't feel all like 'Oh wow, that's quite deep thinking to get into that other perspective', since there's more to it.

Amazing, just amazing.

Great game, so fun and very entertaining, can be played for hours. I love this!

game over

the game over music made me very :(


is great but too much clicking