Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

don't see this kind of vid much

um kind of weird the sound effects got pretty annoying after a while

Noodle responds:

They are like ear candy

Very different

I sure would like to see more animation like this one! May you could make the other way around: the artists would get an animation and have to put sounds in it

Noodle responds:

I've considered it, but then the sounds would end up be putting in spots that made 0 sense

cool but...

im a little wierded out...

Noodle responds:

Go hide in the corner for a few days till it all blows over

does every vid have the same sounds?

but so cool lol

Noodle responds:

10 times over and you still aren't sure?
Haha. Thanks

Definately Different

Very creative and unique! It was cool to see how the same sounds could be taken so many different ways.

I though it was pretty funny how almost all the animations used aliens in one way or another! Nice job to everyone!

Noodle responds:

Deliberately diligent duck