Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Now that was cool

I like to see what each person did with the SFX. I gotta ay a few were a little to random- but good. I liked TommyVF's the best. Good job, and congrats on the front page.

Noodle responds:

The front page was a huge confidence boost. Felt great


ii liked the different animations with the same audio
great creativity

Noodle responds:

Was it creative enough though?


hahaha that was really cool! it was fun to see all the different interpretations of one noise set!

Noodle responds:

Perhaps I should release a soundtrack.
10 tracks of the same 30 seconds clip!


great challenge for creativity i enjoyed every second of it

btw sam i am's falsh was the randomest for me xD

Noodle responds:

I've always seen Morrow's or Marcy's as the most random.
But his is definately up there Haha

It was noying

itwasthesame theing agan and again

Noodle responds:

I think you typed this by slapping your dink on the computer. Haha