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Reviews for "Vampires_test"

Too bad sounds are missing...

This could make an interesting story, if worked on a little more...

...and of course, the sounds, did you remove the sounds to make it load faster, or where the sounds never finished?

Sounds are half the enjoyment of a flash, so if there are any, please include them.

megaener responds:

Actually I didn't remove the sounds... I never put them... cuz well... I'm still working in the animation... and this was a test just to see if NG users like this style of animation! thanks for the review

Not bad.

Fluid animation, good premise. The pace is a little slow, try cutting out unnecessary pauses, and make it flow more.

Also, you NEED more than just one gunshot. Throw in a shuffling noise for the vampire walking, ambience like the soft bubbling of the pot in the background, the monster growl, crashes, footsteps, cartoony noises like whistles and clangs and what-not...

...and also, VOICES VOICE VOICES! Speech bubbles with an animation is a no-no!

Looking forward to seeing the finishes product!

megaener responds:

I know... I was just testing... and No I'm not going to use balloons for the finished work

Needs Voicess..

It wasnt bad, just the absence of voices really lets it down..

Apart from that it is quite good.

IMO, of course.

megaener responds:


All Right, but Needs Improvement

You have a bright future in flash I can tell you that.
First, the preloader doesn't load all the way (the red bar doesn't go all the way to the right) but it still loads. You should fix that. Next add some music and voices. It had a nice little story, but it needed sound. the only sound in the entire thing was the gunshot. You have a promising future, but you need some improvement.

megaener responds:



I like where u are going with this perhaps when u finish it it will be something really good. The art style is great just remember when you actually finish this and post it to remove the tester.

megaener responds:

yes Thank you!