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Reviews for "Vampires_test"


Sound. I cannot emphasize enough on sound.

megaener responds:

I know lol

Pretty Good.

It's as the title says. But really, I like where this is going. You should consider finishing the animation. As for sound, don't worry as most people nowadays has fast enough internets to load the sound as well as the animation in less time than it takes to, say, go to the kitchen to make a peanut butter sandwich.

Pick some good music, add a few more sound effects, possibly do a little voice acting, and extend the animation. I'm sure it'll be a great thing.

Though... I *was* wondering what happens after Batman gets grabbed. Please don't leave it up to my imagination.

megaener responds:

you Will see in the finished vertion! :) (but actually the animation it's not about baLman) it is about the vampires but that's another story.... I actually removed a big part of the animation... I just wanted to know if people liked the style I'm using here... and YES Sound's missing... I'm actually working in it... cuz I'm making my own tracks for my animations now... (while I work in lot of more proyects)[I'm always doing too many things together]


very good animation, needs sounds, bad,...
i liked though, will watch for more


If you would just ad some audio i think this could be really good.
Maybe even a series. I still thought it was funny as hell. Excellent job man

megaener responds:

thank you! and about the series... I still don't have an Idea for a serie that I can do... well I have toons of ideas but... I don't feel like making a serie... now.... I will make some shorts but who knows, I may come out with a serie any of this days... thank you!