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Reviews for "Seed of Destruction"



very well done!

i thought this game was gonna be stupid, low quality, sex based humor, but i was pleasantly suprised. the story line of the game is a nice combination of humor and seriousness. i also must admit that i grew rather fond of that little cowboy/ stickfigure thing and his err... giant sperm.
graphics: 10/10 very well done!
music: 10/10 adds to the game without becoming overwhelming
SFX: 10/10 explosions... what more can be said?
gameplay: 8/10 that sperm was hard to control and took away from the gameplay

very cool

its pretty fun to play, levels are a good challenge too, awesome job

entertaining and...

its fun kinda hard to control and very challenging.MUST PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!Oh and has long long long load.

ZOMG i r ded

all i can say is SMOIBLE!!

great fun and time-killer :D

and loads of vio-lence >:D