Reviews for "Seed of Destruction"


great game, and I like the art style! Also the way how the guy on the mega sperm is always happy and has no idea what actually is going on.

entertaining game.

So first I will start off with the intro its pretty good was not too much but it was nice to see an intro before the actaul flash starts up, there was not much but still a decent intro made it even more enjoyble, so nice effort there. As I was allowed to play this intro also to see how it works the "ANIMATION" on this game was fantastic and made for some nice story, the "CONTROLLS" on the contraption was interesting hard at first but kinda fun. But anyways I really had fun with this game.

Really fantastic game onlything I am gonna suggest is maybe some more medals but it was an overall fun game.


Agora a porra ficou séria

Omg I love this game sooo much