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Reviews for "Street Fighter Collab"

Freakin' Unbelievable! BONK!

Everyone did a great job! How 'bout a Marvel vs. Capcom one sometime soon! That'd be a great idea and would have a lot of hilarious stuff!


This was just awesome and hilarious. People who have plaed any street fighter will find this hysterical. From the intro to te typical problems inthe game, also the Zangief parts were the funniest.

You should plan another collab with a different game.

Yet I have no idea what it will be...

Anyway good job!


Somebody please save your review for instructions on getting the medals!


Stamper, I have now, for days, tried to get these images out of my head. The only thing is.... I laugh soo damn hard everytime I see your work.
The dialogue and delivery alone is awsome, followed by great artwork and plot.
Great job!

How could you Not Love this?

Every scene of course had it's own original Style of animation , Comedy , But that's what made this Collab what this is... Awesome.

Every artist i believe did a good job , Especially Stamper , I don't think I laughed so hard at a newgrounds submission before.