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Reviews for "Street Fighter Collab"

last clip

the last clip was so funny because when they had sex, then the guy barf then the girl then the car guy then the commander

great movie

ho do you unlock the accievments

One of my all time faves! *big super freakking gri

Collabs are always great but this always has me in fits. Not being a major Street Fighter fan (but enough of one to get the fan jokes and understand characters), still really liked what is presented.

It's very difficult to judge on a collab without being part of the team saying what can and can't be in it. However what IS in the collab is great.

My favourites are from Keirupted,Stamper,JohnnyUtah,Gel and Osuka.

I loved Keirupted's as it was really simple but so funny with a magnificent ending! Good animation and decent audio.

I think Stamper's really speaks for itself, it's like watching two girl's one cup, too hard to not watch it. But great animation, hilarious and again a fantastic ending.

My least favourite is Sketchodie, the Dan vs Akuma, I honestly didn't find it all that funny. Good animation though.

Despite what Kalib97 thinks there is nothing overly perverted about any of this, sure we have a fairly graphic animation between two characters and a schitoid Zangief. But I found the entire collab a massive triumph. I highly reccomend it to anyone,street fighter fan or not because there is bound to be enough humour in there for anyone to get a giggle or two.

Excellent work. It's a sin you aren't still number one. lol


This was fucking AMAZING!


LOL this collab was the funniest i've seen so far. MOAR!