Reviews for "Box Clever"

Love the idea

Good concept. I accidentaly click on submit score 1 :( but its really 4-5/5

Nice !

Very good game, levels are good, level editor is great and gameplay is perfect.

nice idea

yeah, great idea

never seen anything like it.


This is such a good game not the best but really good if anyone feels like a playing a challenge play this map I tested and remade and yes it is possible to win:http://www.thegamehomepage.com/pl ay/box-clever/Run-fast/3_ss_ww_rstsus vswsxsrusutuuuvuwuxurvxvswtwuwvw_qoyo qpypqqyqqryrqsysqtytquyuqvyvqwywqxyxq yyy_____rtstttuttvuvvvwvsxuxwx_sv_vtr w_rysytyuyvywyxy_rosotouovowoxo/,ps the next game if there is already one cool the next game should let you rotate items and minimize them.

*Does kirby dance with music an' that crap*

...look,kirby comes every saturday i DON'T KNOW Y!!!!
Nice game.