Reviews for "Box Clever"


This game is fun. The game runs smoothly, the graphics are nice, and the gameplay is incredible.The only reason that im giving this game a 7 is because some of the levels are incredibly difficult, and even if you make just ONE mistake, you have to do the whole level over again. That can get VERY frustrating after a while.

Needs Improvements

Every game has a "Needs Improvements" review and today i'm making yours.

First: Great Game and very fun and addicting

Second: Levels need check points because I'm tried of having to kill everyone over again because i made a mistake on the final guy

Third: Needs more levels.

Fourth: I didn't beat the game but if there isn't any you should add blocks that go left, right and up.

Fifth: Everyone is complaining about the difficultly so i suggest to fix that.

Sixth: You should add different bad guys who are smarter or bigger then the regular diseased.

Fix these problems and you game will get a better score*

*From me and whoever agrees with me


Could be better. Other than that pretty fun

great game

great game, but some levels are almost impossible if you use a touch pad instead of a standard mouse.

pretty good

was not the best could be easier. and have more leveles but still a good game