Reviews for "Where Will It Land?"

The game has a great concept...

Graphic and the idea itself is good, however, it seems very badly planned.
It takes waay too long to finish, and on the bowling level, it never seems to get to the line, and because of all this time-wasting, i quit the game. If you make a game, dont make the levels use too much time to finish.

While its origninal...

It just isnt my type of game, and a description of what things did what would be nice to know without trial and error.

I must say

I must say, I'm surprised that this should even be Under Judgement for even 4 minutes. Bravo, my friend. Bravo. 10/10


Interesting game, good work.

it's decent

Nice graphics to it, and it was ok until you get to the bowling level. When the music runs out twice and it still hasn't hit the 4th row of bumpers, let alone finished the level...