Reviews for "Where Will It Land?"

needs a little work

the concept is good, and i am all for free games, which i thank you for, but the biggest reason i gave this a 3 was for this reason, based on my initial reaction to the gameplay.

most gamers aren't going to take the time to figure what exactly what they're supposed to be doing, and this game reflects more of trial & error than any calculated guesses.

here are some suggestions which i think may make this game better.

1. add a tutorial

2. knowing what the weight of the ball, and or how fast it is going would be helpful.

3. boards where there is wind, indicate the airspeed.

4. if you don't add a tutorial, at least describe what the properties of obstacles on the course are doing. (on the third level i had no idea what the bumper was going to do... consequently i had no idea where the ball was going, and ended up missing. upon missing the game was over, and that was about enough for me).

again this is based on initial reaction, and maybe i missed something, but with the number of other games to play on here, i am not going to spend much time trying to figure out what's supposed to be going on.

thanks again for posting this game, and may you find this review helpful.


This game is very original. I really like it!

First to finish xD

First To Finish hahaha
That was an awesome game though some were a bit long haha the last level i guessed and got an S :P

ok game, but

on level thirteen iirc (the one with the bowling setup) the atom doesnt reach the wall, ever, I waited for about 7 minutes and it still wasn't at the wall, but I did see some sort of 'loop' of motions.

very difficult

but still pretty fun!
but very difficult