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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"

Pretty good & a suggestion

This movie is good, like the effects and sounds and stuff like that. But have you ever thought of using the ol skool Duck Hunt style gun for the weapons of the Nintendo side?


I don't know why this is so popular. it's really not funny. I think it just appeals to geeks and gamers, which is about 90% of the newgrounds community. it looked awsome though, the graphics were insane, especially the beging where the X-Box is chasing the Gameboy.


Jesus Christ man! How the hell long did you spend on this!?!??!

This was,no is, possibly the BEST KICK ASS MOVIE ON NEWGROUNDS!!!!!!

The last guy doesn't know what he's talking about

This was purely amazing. Your idea is good and I like the way you present it.It was also a good use of certain Nintendo themes. Please take this from me: I TRULY UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH EFFORT AND WORK WENT INTO THIS MOVIE. But DAMN IT!! I really hate excellent films that end with "to be continued" or "this was just a demo or trailer". Often films like this go unfinished. You have a great idea in this film. Do not neglect it. Stay with the idea and get the movie done. With it you will be able to please many.

What the fuck is this?

Man does this movie suck balls, shit man like why do you come up with this shit? Like "ooh i wish i knew who my brada was?"You are a fucken insult to Star Wars man fuck you. You wanna see something nice then check out stick wars