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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"

Super Console Wars: Episode IV - The Gamepire Strikes Gold is rated PG-13.

This was a great flash animation ten years ago and I can remember when I and my friends thought it so. But looking at it now, and with respect to the times - it isn't that great. It looks a bit half conrived without any originality. It uses bad puns with characters from video game franchises tacked in. For a parody, which it is, I find it to be a dry sense of humor which could be improved.

You're amazing

Dude, this is some of the most fantastic graphics I have ever seen in a cartoon! I can't believe this was made in 2002! It was great how you also merged so many universes together like Star Wars, Mario, and the other video games. It is in no way messy, but instead weaves together to make something awesome. All of the designs are fantastic and completely flawless. You even manage to make a good satire of the gaming industry and fanbase in this.

It fits in the "Other" genre because it incorporates so many different elements and ideas. I love all the little things that go on in here, like the short cartoon at the beginning. The voice acting is completely fantastic and it gives the characters great justice. The music is fantastic and I think my favorite character would have to be Darth Mario. As these series are some of my favorite franchises, they do so well together. You are a true genius!

You probably arent even online after several years

But if you are, let's just say that this is a pretty imaginative flash movie. So many game parodies and references. It's all pretty funny, crazy, and kinda epic at the same time.

(Talking to the creator)

Its goodish

There arn't many lols in this one but the animations were very good if you only did them your self