Reviews for "Saunich der Hejhaug"

that's why video game characters never age...

they do what all old folks do:
eat, sleep and crap their pants - even if they aren't wearing any.

in the end at some point, they remember what they were up to before all those "minor" incidents. like "oh yeah, i gotta save the city (again)."

normal people would think "WTF!?" when the bad guy of which ever series tries to take over the world, like the billionz time - this week; and it's only monday...

let's face it, this whole "superhero"-business is always same old, same old:
1. bad guy comes to take over the world (or whatever ambitions they might have)
2. superhero comes to save the day - or the whole week maybe, who knows?
3. superhero whoops villians ass
4. villian flees, but not without saying something like: "next time i'll get you!"
(god, that line is like SO cheesey)
5. superhero is the hero of the day (what else?) - and get's celebrated

NORMAL people, or so-called anti-heros, would've done this:
1. villians appear
2. "hero" comes to stop them, having to interupt their afternoon nap
3. villians get shot in the head by the "hero"
4. "hero" burns villians corpses, so no one gets the stupid idea of cloning them
(had that trouble last time as some jackass cracked the skull open and took the
brain - you get the picture)
5. "hero" goes home to continue their nap
6. "hero" mumbles the words "the day is saved once again MY ASS", before dozing
off to sleep.


This is just how I pictured this
Very nice & hilarious

Great job

Haha, very good. Funny, art was surperve and just the humor was seen thoughout. If you vote 0 you have no life, no soul, never liked his animations, don't have any humor.

Anyway all my 5's and 10's are belong to this!

Oh my goodness

that was hilarous

Lolwat. Great animation