Reviews for "Saunich der Hejhaug"

This is brilliant

i love sonic sooooooo much, but this jsuts makes me liek him more! its sooo clever, i mean u did like every part so well, where he said "can, ie have sum.. chillidogs ploz.." was PERFECT. and then he just, eats it with his nose.

absolutely random!!!

Dude this is way too freaking random!!! And that's a good thing. I loved it when he ate the chili dogs with his nose then punched the drink with his tongue!!! LOL, the randomness makes this awesome!!!


I'm sensing a lot of Homestar Runner, but I still lol'd.


Do i want some chilly dawgs and chilly dwinks now.

It's Me, W.G.!

Awesome! Congrats on the front page!