Reviews for "Saunich der Hejhaug"

i laughed quite hard

great drawings, good animation

but most especially good voicework.

saunich's gurgling throaty voice really gave me a good laugh.

well done

Ohh man

This is almost as weird as Salad Fingers. I think this flash would've benefited being a bit longer -- it had a slow weird pace that was very amusing. It also reminded me of the video "Spongebob Sickpants"

This could easily be a series if you wanted. :)


Damn Sonic fan boys voting this down.

It was awesome! AWSOME I TELL YA!

funny AND disturbing

lol , "wha-what is it? Stop looking at my nipple"

Rofl, brilliant.

This reminded me of something by Firth. The animation was great, the style of your art was well directed and suited this... worn out Sonic tribute well.

Great job, wonderful satire... top work.