Reviews for "Hentai Sim Brothel"

It's fun, but i just wish there was more.

I love but would like it more without the time restrictions.

Time consuming, but rewarding, was a real challenge to play while still remaining engrossing, only real downside is the time limit, but I've heard that there's a sequel that alleviates that constraint though, if so hopefully it'll be added soon

its good, i wish there was anther version of it or one tha allows you to go longer than 300 days because it goes by too fast. i like the goals. i had random issues though. i saved the other day and all my data was gone, then i was playing today, clicked new day and all of a sudden i have "-infinity" money? i thought maybe if i went next day it would go back to normal, but i cant buy upgrades, buildings or ranks now and it sucks that i have to start over. other than that its good and i wish thre was more too it.

There need to be more of this game, another version of it too