Reviews for "Hentai Sim Brothel"

There need to be more of this game, another version of it too

the real secrete is to get that, max customers. u can charge wtf u want. charge 1 millon a girl. doesnt matter, she will bring u mils. u just need an auto clicker to get her wage to 1 million

Great game, I think there is no mobile version of this game, but just for fun I am starting to do a similar game for iOS, I will notify it if it is successful.

Amazing game never gets old!!! I can play this over and over again :)

I am a bachelor in business management and in my 4 years in college I had a few disciplines that have taught me less about how to run a business than trying to get every ending in this game. I mean it. It gets somewhat formulaic once you learn the mechanics for the rank evolution and you learn very soon the girls you have to pick first in order to make things work. I found that Rikku was the backbone of my entire operation for a while, specially in hard mode, since Urd is basically worthless (A real shame, in my opinion she is the sexiest in OMG anime, but I digress).

If you accept some tips:

- Manage character really early on: high character ladies don't work well and are devastating for your profits early on in the game. After you have a steady money supply and room for many girls you can buy ladies like Matsumoto and Lulu and leave them in bondage class enough to drop them to manageable levels. Personaly I go all the way to zero since the difference isn't really that surmounting.

- Rank is obtained by a combination of equipment, available housing and refinement. You should really invest in the housing options as soon as you can do it safely. Also on housing - every house has a hardcap on the number of clients they receive, so even if you have an Old Shack with a million rooms, just a few clients will ever go there.

- The number of missions you do is important for the ending you want, but the better ones are all with at least nine missions - which leave little room for mistakes: keep track of your days and DO your missions, even if they seem challenging. A little bit of planning and thinking outside the box is required to pull some feats - in my last gameplay my mission was to have 26 girls before day 300 and on day 270 I had 14 girls: it's a hassle, but can be done.

- If you aren't playing in hard mode, avoid Urd like the plague: her stats are garbage and she works basically never. If you are in hard mode, just survive you first days and get Rikku A.S.AP. Rikku is a beast and can be found as a girl from a joker. Save before you cash the joker in and load and reload as many times as you have to until you get Rikku.

I find this to be loads of fun.

PS: I found an autoclicker to be useful in the last days if you have a ton of girls, but that's me.