Reviews for "Hentai Sim Brothel"

I'm not into lolli stuff, but this is a really good game.

Need a loading bar, I wouldn't have known if the loading stuck.
I had waited for the game to load for an hour.
I reloaded the page, 5 minutes, game loaded .
Great game though, I like it that the game have famous anime characters as ho*es, I'll never watch Naruto the same way again :P
Definitely fappable

A few ways this game could be improved in my opinion and my logic as to why.

1. Either a +/- 100 button or being able to type in how much you want to charge. This would help if someone used the Max Customers for 7 Days Super Joker.

2. Having the girls sorted by Rank. This would help when upgrading Ranks by making it easier to find who you're working on. It would also help when you are deciding what you want them to do.

3. Having a load option in the game that you don't have to reload the page to use. Having to reload the page is annoying and sometimes doesn't work with loading a save.

All this said, it is possible to beat the game with Urd and almost everything. The trick is you want to use all the regular Jokers, you need the first mission to be get the bar, and the first Super Joker to be the Max Customers for 7 Days. I suggest putting all experience Urd gets into Constitution and Libido. Use the Super Joker as an event and change Urd's price to about 150,000 or more. This means after the first day of the Super Joker you can buy everyone. With some luck you will have about 2,000,000 after the week and will have just about everything and can just max everyone. Which means you can see more goodies after about Day 120.

Awsome game. Has any one beaten the game with urd and passed all the missions?

I am the mega pimp of the century! Yay!
I guess it helps that I've had experience with this IRL... :P