Reviews for "Endless Zombie Rampage 2"

A bit too easy

I was able to through the whole game without using a kit or dying. But the title fits rather well, I couldn't think of anything else to do after 40 nights.

pure awesome!

this game rocks. the artwork and gameplay are top notch, the upgrades and weapons were cool and i didn't find any bugs. keep up the good work!

well, now to help some ppl:

1- a good way to win a good amount of EXP is rescuing people, but you can only save 6. use that EXP to buy health perks and a better weapon. speaking of weapons...
2- taking out the handgun, i've only used 2 weapons:
- auto shotgun: zombie owner. fully upgrade this baby and you'll be fine until, like, forever. best when you're surrounded.
- lazur cannon: perfect for the bosses and when they come in a line. just fully upgrade this and FIRE YOUR LAAAAZUUUR!!
3- there are four bosses, and they come in 8-12 days. here are them:
- "mother spider": wouldn't call this a boss, 'cuz this is gonna become a normal zombie. you should be fine, since it's slow.
- "tentacle brain": ya heard right. this dude will try to hit you with his long tentacles. and you gotta destroy them. destroy all four, and keep hitting the monster 'til he dies. when you destroy a tentacle, it'll shoot blood.
- "THE BEHEMOTH": prepare to shit bricks. this dude will either pinch you, or launch an "automatic blood". don't get hit by that. this may take awhile.
- final boss "the leviathan": prepare to build a mansion with the bricks you'll shit. this giant thingy will go after you, trying to devour you. the lazer cannon will be a godsend weapon here.

well, again, the game was simply great. keep up with that style, hope you make moar soon! ^^


really good sequel, but could use a storyline and more missions

GLITCH: If you have the assault rifle firing, you can make the handgun fully automatic when you use the mouse to switch to the handgun


Despite getting me hooked on the game, the gameplay was awful: you added the new mission log, there is a bad entry, the missions are endless, and stupid, come on, finding some dude in the middle of the horde of zombies, they dont even do anything, and the new creatures are pathetic, the weapon upgrades dont help, and the endless zombie rampage has a really dumb ending, at least give a humorous clip, and there is no link to the world, try to get the backbone of the game, the last stand, which included travelling to other towns, I dont see anything in there that can allow the game to continue, you see?

Great Game

i enjoyed it very much, but is there some extras you can gain like you do with thing thing 4. would i get something new if i killed 10,000?