Reviews for "Endless Zombie Rampage 2"

I used to play this as a kid back in the day, it's very worth to play.

Buy autoshotgun.
Get Brawler & All autoshotgun perk.

Really good

Can't believe I missed this one it's fun and has all the upgrades you can want in a game like this it's a fantastic game and you even won some awards on this Wich is a plus and the fans voted you a great justice here and it shows the game tends to be a little laggy at times but for the most part this was really good I thaught anyways nice game here

Could be a little less laggy maybe due to everything going on


I remember playing this game some years ago and back then it was one of my favorite games, among many others of the same developer. It's sad that he appearently stopped making flashgames. I hope that, whatever he's doing now, he's allright. And maybe one day he'll be back.

Now, regarding the game itself: It's got pretty much everything you can expect from a good flashgame. A lot of weapons and upgrades (perks), many different types of enemies, pretty fluid combat, etc. Only bad thing about it is that sometimes it can get a little bit laggy, but that seems to be normal for shooter flashgames.

I love it, in my opinion of the best games on Newgrounds.