Reviews for "Endless Zombie Rampage 2"

better than the first. better wepeons, area, zombies, upgrade system, ect.

hmm... Zombies,dont they have something better to do?

I like this one better than the first. I really want to call this game 5 star worthy but I'm actually going to give it 4 and a half stars... I think you should make it so that after a good 10 or so waves the bodies and the gore eventually disappears. Later in the game with all the gore covering the entire playing field, it becomes increasingly difficult to see your enemies as they more easily blend in. That would be my advice. Other than that slight annoyance the game is wonderful.

i want to say its pointless but i spent 5 hours on it

you wanna fuck with me huh?
say hello to my little big laser crap gun BOOM! [5] STARS:)