Reviews for "Glass Tree in the Sky"

Cool ^^

i like most of your artwork with the pretty clouds and things that glow or shine brightly ( LOL ) ,also reminds me of magic in mmorpgs =P


I'm quite surprised that you're not doing artwork for Wizards Of The Coast.

Honestly your artwork is among one of my personal favorites. You've got amazing talent, and an awesome imagination!

Many Kudos!
P.S: Your art is Epic!

Kamikaye responds:

Many thx :)
I didnt know that wizards of the coast has work for freelance artists. I thougt they had a team at their HQ that does all the illustration ?


Click that little button over there below the picture. Yes, that's it, the one on the left. BOOM! Now absorb that. Simply incredible.


the detail in this is mind blowing. i envy people that have artistic talents, and you are definitely one of those people.


You should do more of SBB songs.