Reviews for "Glass Tree in the Sky"

I think you should...

Make some Drawling of land cards for Wizards of the Coast for Magic the Gathering. I am highly sure they would take in most of the stuff i have seen.
This one makes me think of Forest/Island and maybe Plains.

I hope to see more of your work here. keep it up :D


very nice, i like all of your art works, i just had ta grab em all :-D, i wonder what street fighter punching someone in the face! would like like under your hand, nice indeeed


again i love the colors you used really good

cant find the song but this is great

spreads feelings of freedom! NICE

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :)=


Incredible. I'm going to have to listen to that song after I write this. This picture is beautiful, I would give anythin to see something like this in real life. Amazing scene.