Reviews for "Magic Cloud Sea"

Clouds drifting by his feet the expanse of the sky visible to him. He squeals with delight as to what he beholds. Cities unknown to all men, expect for him. But he had no way of moving in a world of clouds? How had he not fallen long ago? Realization struck and he fell. Awoken by his little sister telling him that its lunch time. He wonders if what he saw was a dream or a vision? Only time will tell.

<End Story>
Yes that should sum up what I thought of this song. Only thing I think that is missing is that it isn't calm enough.

DanJohansen responds:

If the clouds were normal and not changing colors with the seasons and acting different than the ones I made in this fantasy world, I would understand your need for it to be calmer. But these are not the normal calm clouds on planet Earth XD

Thanks and glad you like it!

Now this is just beautiful. I'll have to make sure this goes onto my PSP. (My version of an iPod.) Thank you for making this masterpiece. Looking forward to listening to your other works of art. Keep it up, I will follow you now.

*Grabs walking stick*

Lead on...oh, musical creator, lead on.

DanJohansen responds:

I am honored by your kind words. I am making another piece as I am writing you this thank you note.
*steals stick and runs away*
XD Thanks! My baton just broke

really good! the only reason i voted 4 is becuase im not really a classical person but i liked this!

DanJohansen responds:

Fair enough good sir! Thx for stopping by! :D

this is pretty sweet and definitely sounds like video game level music. nice jobe

DanJohansen responds:

Thank you good sir

Just this song alone puts you on the cookie list.
You will hear from me again. Promise.

Fun fact; Yeast is used in food, but it can infect the body too.

DanJohansen responds:

I want cooookie!