Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""


although it was short as you said, i still enjoyed watching this submission, and hope to see more

Kaukolike responds:

Thank you! I love all the reviews because they help me to focus on things I need to improve. Thank you for watching! New cartoon is coming out soon!


Truely unique, hope to see more from you, style stands out and love the ambitiousness of the story. Great music too!


(With a Sean Connery-esque voice)You leave me no choice Trebeck I must give you a ten for your sheer awesomeness.

It is not often that you see someone actually put this kind of work into there flash ART!!!. I wish I could give you an 11 out of 10!

Kaukolike responds:

WOW!! Thanks!! This is the best review I have ever read!


You know what?
Voters on newgrounds are kids and stupid jerks!
This deserved much more than 3.77. Why? Because it's great.
Animation, style and minimalistic/mistic story.
Fucking idiots just wanted fucking shits like awesome series
and other idiotic sorts of compilations that is only funny to stupid teenagers.
PEOPLE what about ART?


Be galo smagu, kad Lietuvoj yra toki%u0173 talent%u0173 :)) Taip ir toliau!