Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""


I like the feel of that animation. you should continue with that storyline.

Kaukolike responds:

Thank you! And this refers to an idea of making series! I'm starting to really think about sequel!


Loved every bit of it. btw, cruncksmash, the author is from Lithuania, so it's slavic, not oriental.

I liked it

The mysticalness of it worked for me.

I'd like to see what happens in the hole.

Well done

Hell yeah !

That's amazing ! The sounds're perfect, you draw very good and the story looks interesting.
The foreign language increases the mysterious feeling of the animation.
In wich language is it ? I like. ^^

Kaukolike responds:

I'm so happy that You liked it!
The language is Lithuanian. (Lithuania is a small country in Europe). ;D


listen to the a song called navras by juno reator whilewatching this clip!!!! it matches the video!!! see for ur yourself