Reviews for "Karate Blazers"

the guy below me is correct as well!

I was under the impression you did not intentionally 'steal' this(as in just porting to flash), but considering you don't credit the original game designers anywhere and this looks exactly like the original, im gonna have to say you stole this

EasyRetro responds:

Karate Blazers was originally done by Video System in 1991 now defunct.
Why do you critizise this since there is load of higly copyrigthed materials here like Sonic of even better Mario ???

guy below me is correct

it is not an original game.

thats low dude.

Aw crud!

It's a very good game.
Only, it takes a while to beat an enemy sometimes and they're swamping you very often.
Luckily, you can spam coins and get through the game with an infinite amount of lives.
Graphically this is very good and also the audio is good. Gameplay is nearly perfect.
Only minus points is for getting me to level 4-2 in 40 minutes and then glitching it so I have to turn it off and start all over again. Sadly, this is an undertaking I won't be in to at this moment.

EasyRetro responds:

Thank for your feedback, we will fix 4-2 soon :)

This IS an old arcade ROM.

I can only applaud the efforts of getting a MAME Rom running in Flash. The game itself was probably chosen for its obscurity (someone would have noticed Final Fight from a mile away).

Good idea and all

But so BOORING!!!
no variety in enemies. i was just like, oh there's more. more. yawn.
No powerups, no extras, medals, specials, achievments, or bonus weapons!

EasyRetro responds:

This is not kongregate here ;)
I am wrong?