Reviews for "Karate Blazers"


That was really good. :)


Takes me back to quarter eating 8 bit NES. Very nice, a little repetitive, but so were most of the games it's modeled off of.

This is frikken...

...Streets of Rage mixed with Double Dragon. I hope this flash is legit because it rules.

EasyRetro responds:

You got it !

Classic, but still good !

its weird cos only today i was thinkin bout the orginal streetfighter on sega, now i see this game! lol, it could have been really bad, but its not, :) . Uve basically kept everything the same but just made it for the comp.

I like the way it is quite hard, not too bad but hard enough not to complete it first time round. :)

gameplay: 9/10
graphics: 10/10
skill: 10/10
controls: 9/10
overall: 10/10 5/5

EasyRetro responds:

Hey That is a Review !!
Thanks dude.