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Reviews for "Sugarcore"

This is very interesting, I love it! :D

Colorful graphics and varied music, and a very satisfying crunching sound when candy is broken make this a pleasant and good looking Flash game, while not the most polished and detailed.

I love the core gameplay concept, rotating an orb composed of candy tiles while missiles are shot to destroy tiles and obtain candy. This core mechanic is used in three different "lines" of stages, each line defining a different goal with the same mechanics: one of them simply aims to achieve a certain amount of candy, the other to explode the candy by hitting the core, and the other to avoid the destruction of the candy. Chocolate pieces will fill every open space they can crawl into once shot, and there are also armor pieces and other special tile types, adding to the challenge on some levels, and serving as an advantage on other levels.

Each line of stages is introduced by a different character. A cheerful miner, an uptight noblewoman and a serious military sergeant introduce the gathering, destruction and protection lines respectively, and the stages get harder and harder as you progress through each line. It's funny how, in each stage line there is a short story of the interaction between the player and the characters, enough for the player to pick a favorite and a least favorite character. I did that, at least, not sure if anyone else did as well.

The one big problem I have with this game is that, well, it's truly hard to accurately control the orb's rotation with the mouse. If you move the mouse too close to the core, the orb rotates too quickly, almost erratically, and if you keep it far from the core, you have to make very long moves to achieve rotation.