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Reviews for "Sugarcore"


its an ok start, but its basic and pretty slow paced.... and it gets frustrating having to do the same levels 50 times till you get it before the time runs out.... its great start.

Bullets fire too slow.

This has potential, but after trying 5 times to get past the first level and NOT getting past because the time ran out, I said screw it and quit playing. The bullets fire too slowly. Maybe it's my older computer.

Don't bother rotating

The bullets always came in from the four corners of the screen, so you'd just keep your orb sitting where it is, the bullets would whittle down holes in the orb to the "good stuff", and you'd win the level easily. I got kind of bored when the concept of the game (rotating the orb) was no longer a factor. Otherwise, good concept and all.

very good work

this game was fun,complex,and original
nice work =]

Fun, but

It ABSOLUTELY needs a button to restart the level you're playing.