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Reviews for "Portal Defenders"

2 shoop de whoops in a row? That shit ain't right

Apart from some extremely cheap at times AI, this was a great game, funny because of the cameos and made me more envious of castle crashers players D: The only other major flaw I found, is even with the bombs if you get surrounded, with the possible exception of faster characters you WILL get a major beating before you get out of there. Maybe it needs a crowd clearing knock down move that costs a little energy streets of rage/final fight style.

The Best

This has got to be the best NG game I have ever played




This is one of the greatest games I've ever played on Newgrounds. I like that it is challenging I have just gotten to Wadolf he is really hard to beat.

great game............however

dispite all the great stuff, such as achievements visuals and what not. this game would be so much better with more than 1 attack button. because of this, it gets boring after a good 2 min. and i simply cant play it.