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Reviews for "Portal Defenders"

Entertaining till the end

Great the first game on newgrounds which I played in which you can get archievments.
The game reminded me on classic games like Double Dragon or Final Fight,games which I always enjoyed playing.
The graphics in this games were all great and there is nothing bad about it.
The sound fitted in the game as well it just annoyed me after I died the tenth time.
The bad thing about this game was in my opinion the balance of the characters and the difficult for some characters.
The difficult fpr April was much higher then for Bob.Bob could kill any normal enemy and even bosses without big trouble while I had to use some tricks to make it with April.And the last boss with his mouth-beam killed her almost with one hit.
The best thing about this game were in my opinion the chance to unlock characters and to get archivments.It kept me playing this game and it was really addicting and motivating.
Overall I really liked the game.I hope to see more games with such features as unlockable characters and archievments in the future.The only negative point was the balace.It really depressed me when I died with April for the tenth time because I got in the mouth-beam in the end.
Great and motivating game.
5/5 9/10

Epic game

It reminds me of castle crashers and i think it would be cool if in future dlc u could play as Tom or Dan still having trouble beating Wadolf

sweet game

Good stuff: Nice cartoon animations; good music; creative enemies; funny game over screens.

Bad stuff:mediocre sound effects; a little cheap on some bosses.

cool game

cool game but its a little boring to finish the game a few time o_o

Great, but...

Will you please add the save features?