Reviews for "JUMP!!"

Waaaa! ^__^

Cutest game EVER!! It was so simple yet so fun and adorable! It makes me happy to play this, and that's saying a lot. Even the art has this ironic and lovable style.

10/10 and a +fave! Pleeease make a sequel!? I can see myself playing this all the time just to smile and pass the time.

very cute

the gameplay would be a little better if the player had a bit more left to right control and if the duration of the jump could be more flexible based on the amount of time the jump button was held down. but aside from that, you have very cute character design., and the visual style you used to create this game is so freeflowing, artistic, and just plain cute, keep up the great work.


this game is basically the best game ever (seriously)

Cool game

cool game!! it was funny

random freezes

the game randomly freezes every ten or so clicks