Reviews for "JUMP!!"

Great game!

I have a really hard time playing computer games because I am so bad at them, but this game is challenging in a good way! I feel like I can actually play it but at the same time not feel like I am playing a game made for a three year old (not that those are bad either). Very fun and very addicting. Another well done game by mygameline.com Love it!

Nice game

Nice game, but it seems a little easy until right around the 75k mark, then things get a little hairy. A pause menu would have been nice, too, but good game overall.

fun and addicting

very fun and addicting, and it was never repetitive

Fun game

A pretty simple game.
Wish it would inform us about those other enimies man.
It could use background music.
Nice job still.


Very fun game with a very simple concept!