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Reviews for "Fairy's Fountain Loop"

JNOB056- how did know about my childhood? It's so true.

VGSongbird responds:

:D LOVE it.

This takes me back. Back when I used to be a little kid spending hours trying to get through the Water Temple. Hours of me getting scared of what was at every corner in the Shadow Temple. Hours of searching for every piece of heart. Hours I will never get back, but Damn it worth it! Listening to this makes me feel like I'm floating in my past :)
This is, by far - The most influential piece I've heard on Newgrounds. This is my first comment I've ever posted so I'm quite new at this. Overall 5\5 10\10 and you can guarantee a download :)
Thank you for helping me remember, remember the good times.
- JN0b056 :)

VGSongbird responds:

Well I'm thrilled to do so.
Thanks for listening.

Usually I don't get emotionally moved by anything, but this loop did it, especially the awesome parts with the ahs (and I believe I saw somewhere you said you do all the singing yourself, which amazes me). You definitely achieved a dreamlike feel, but it sort of felt to me the ahs didn't fit with the synths (they are called synths, right?), I'm thinking that a more classical or toned down electronic/synth/whatever might sound better. I just really like the ways the ahs sound :D. On a side note, I didn't notice it before, but your lavender town remix is one of my favorite lavender town remixes :). The tl;dr version: keep being awesome and making remixes and stuff kthxbye.

VGSongbird responds:

I certainly will try ^_^
Thanks for the awesome score.

It feels like makes me floating

VGSongbird responds:

Haha well thanks for leaving a review!

This is really great! Good job. I love the feel of it. It sounds really nice as an electronic piece.

VGSongbird responds: