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Reviews for "Fairy's Fountain Loop"

Totally immersive with the right volume. Birdy, you've done a beautiful job!

VGSongbird responds:


Wow thanks!

when I was a little kid played the game majoras mask and ocarina of time. I always used to let the game sit in the fairy's fountian because i loved the music. thanks for bringing the memories back and such a great remix plus it loops well so nicely done!

VGSongbird responds:

Well, thanks for listening ^_^

nice hearing your music again :)
this piece is beautiful and brings back a huge wave of memories for all of the zelda games i played.
there are two things that im less pleased though. first off i wish there was some more emphasis on the main origional melody of this piece. also i would love to hear it with a softer slower more captivating and beautiful ending. the ending was nice but i feel it could be better.

ps yes its a loop but ive heard plenty of loops with pretty endings

VGSongbird responds:

I suppose your right; I probably could've given more attention to the ending.

The soft drums sound amazing. If it had a piano for the melody I bet it would sound like something from ww2.

VGSongbird responds:


Retro happiness swelled through my cheecks as I heard the loop play the first 2 times. I haven't heard anything this amazing for a zelda fan piece in an extremley long time, even from Koji Kondo himself. (last song I enjoyed by him in the Zelda Franchise was the group effort work on "The Lament of Midna" loop that played while you were in the sewers) I definately felt the dream part was in effect, and I truly enjoy yourwork.
However, I felt like you relied to much on the electronical sounds, especially near the end... To nit pick for a bit, I wish you would have let your voice, (I believe it is your voice, correct me if I'm wrong...) crescendo a bit more when approaching the higher notes of the song at around 1:22 and then come back in at the last second right before the loop continued. Also, during that part, the techno could have started to fade a little, just because of dreams can kinda fade in and out, as you don't remember ceartain part of the dream. And you could of had like orchestral/brass/wind instruments have a prescence in the song come in during the 1:22-1:30 portion of the song, but I digress, as this is just pulling the cherry off the 500 foot sundae (Corny as hell, sorry)
From a gamers standpoint, I wish this would have been in Skyward Sword right when

The sequence when you reunite with Zelda before she goes back into her Cozzy little Cryogenic Diamand and gather the three pieces of the triforce. (or whatever you wanna call it). Because the reuniting of the two "Friends/lovers/whateves" is almost like a dream the hero (link or whatever you wanted to call him) was waiting for after seeing her fall from the sky and get kidnapped.

Overall, I really enjoyed this loop though. It's funny, but I usually dislike loops people make on Newgrounds(ESPECIALLY REMAKES...), but artists such as you self baffle my opinion on the subject more and more each time a unique arrangement comes out. Also, kinda jelous of your music abilities... been playing trumpet for 8.5 years now, and can only dream of producing a sounds with such quality as your voice. A definate download, keep up the work!

VGSongbird responds:

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it at least a little :3