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Reviews for "SMB: The Mushroom Hero 2"

This ep have some fails in the scenary, but in for me this still good

just a comment, what happened to toadstoal? or what's his name, you know the guy/mushroom on the ground in the first episode?

Good stuff

This was a great follow up episode,the story got a little more interesting with the involvement of Link also the fight between Link & Metal Mario was awesome,overall this was a great second episode and i will go check out episode three now. =)

well at least..

you don't use any piece of crap (like that orangemeat <or is it Meat orange or Orange hamburger i forget> he uses Jesus (With an edited head) and use a handjob and bad artwork and(if you can tell newgrounds founder)Make sperm all over the monitor at newgrounds homepage and an idiot fight


Like I Said Its Good but you just need to make it longer