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Reviews for "SMB: The Mushroom Hero 2"

insert summarry here

Another SMBZ-inspired flash. Was entertaining, but very, very unoriginal. as an aside, after you have seen a flash that uses DBZ fx for the 500th time, they start to get old.

Oh wow...

A new series with inspirition by Alvin-Eathworm about Mario and other Nintendo characters with DBZ fight and horrible but nintendo-related plot. You need an award.

Seriously, drop this series and try to make something with animated characters with nothing Mario/DBZ or VG or anime related. Drop sprites and try something new.

uh'''?? exelent

Very good long mas that the first part(report) but something that me does not please it is that not siges mario's method bros does not speak in niguna occasion in addition her fights in hyrule the nuves go ahead(forward) and zelda traverses backward it a very bad(wrong) effect gave to him an advice always when the prominent figures traverse the coosas they move with them since this effect questioned me excel yourself take this advice

Good stuff you got here

nice story here, i like it
the animation itself is good
the spacebar thing is cool, i went off halfway cuz i was called so im glad i could leave it paused and not start over
not a perfect 10 because (i know you starting out) it was a bit short but i know you will get beter in time ^_^
dont forget if that is link out of LOZ:OOT he has abilities like dins fire an stuff
implement his skills in the next one that would be cool

Not bad, not great.

I guess I've just seen too many of these sort of things around, but it was still a good effort, I liked the Space Bar to continue, keep that :P