Reviews for "Cat Face 5"

He got problems

This isnt a bad animation. I have seen all of your cat face animatins and I say this is one of the best ones.

Is he made of, like, helium, or something?

Seriously? How does he fly through the air? Is it just because he's got a catface? Or is it because hes got the body of a cat and the face of a cat? Silly catface...


Is Catnip supposed to be a drug in this episode lol very fine quality of animation you are my favorite author and the pace and sense of timing is usually perfect in the whole series the storylines are always really funny my favorite character is BoxCat.


caatace hes got a big cats face and the body of a cat and the face of a cat and he flies throught the air cause hes got got a cat face. B-)

Save energy - save Cat Face

Lol as always....
The more i watch the more i like that cat
I wanna that cat too(not box cat)