Reviews for "Cat Face 5"

Pretty funny episode.

Glad to see you brought the old lady back from the previous episodes, and box cat is a hilarious addition to the series. I think part of the reason I like this series so much is because of the way you animate Cat Face, you make him look so adorable and soft. This series keeps drawing me back for more, it is so great. Cat Face's changing facial reactions are funny too.

I thought the part where Cat Face was talking to box cat seemed more like rambling on than an actual interesting conversation. It could have used a few more gags here and there, at least something to keep the viewer's attention to the screen. Besides that, I thought this was another good episode. I hope to see more episodes with box cat in the future. Keep up the great work!


He is so cute and adorable and Mr. Weebl your voice for him is just the cherry on the preverbial cake. His voice and mannerisms is what makes it so funny. I want MORE!! Watched them all like God knows how many times. XD Silly Cat Face. =^,^=


lol lol so funny

box cat

box cat is the best next to cat face


who left this light on egh?