Reviews for "Cat Face 5"

That really is

One silly catface


I love it XD

I disagree with Riley

you shouldn't rate it poorly just because it's been around for a while and nobody's impressed by the fact that your friends are stoners

this is awesome and catface still makes me laugh, the voices are brilliant and this is way funnier than weebl and bob

Sad face

it upsets me to think i was so blind and clicked this link so quickly.
As funny as cat face is and the amount of countless cheep laughs he has bought me and my stoner friends, This is old and has been around for a while.

Still good,

just upset it wasnt a new cat face thats all.

Still good though

man, weebl

nice flash. i like the catface series a lot but it really needs subtitles, like in the on the moon series, eh?