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Reviews for "Badass Dora!"

lol this deserves a better score

This animation was made with the same spirit and humor that founded newgrounds.
I cant think of a more perfect addition.
who cares if it's short


Short but sweet!


it really is badass awesome but i have to agree with the rest... it is too short!

but since it really made me laugh.... i give you a well earned A+


Lol'd that was all to be required.
Wished for more... and better animation for the monkey...

A model for future generations of children's TV!!

I'm not kidding this sort of thing would be a whole lot cooler than that lame crap they put up on those shows saturated in advertisement the further brainwash poor kids to perpetuate a feeling of want that only burdens them from their real potentials. Besides they're going to find out about this kind of stuff on the internet and on the bus eventually. More power to ya.

BTW: you could have her whack some guerrillas or drug runners in the next episode.