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Reviews for "Badass Dora!"

Too short, but funny while it lasted

I will admit, I laughed at this. With how much my little brothers annoy me with Dora, it was nice to see a funny spoof about it. But I think so many more jokes could have been done about it. What is here is quality, but there's not enough.

whoa. dude. holy shit.

damn, Dora grew up. the art and animation were good. yet the length and the way it ends so abruptly just takes away from the experience. it feels incomplete and leaves viewers somewhat unsatisfied with what they watched.

either way, i'm still giving you a 5 and 10 for the novelty and originality of the concept. if you come up with a real full-length Dora the Badass flash, i'd be one of the first to come back and watch it.

"Alright, let's see you swipe something now, bitch!"

very badass

Very awesome, wish it was longer, youll prolly end up on the front pagewith this one though=) good job


I love the references to the show, and the style of the animation was very smooth, too! overall very nice, but it could have been longer...

shit man!

if only this werent so short i'd would fav. this! dude the animation was great and the story was randomly funny, on top of that the music in the "end" was well placed and fitting for the situation. all in alll great job!