Reviews for "T.V. Sex Pals P.S.A. #1"

that was...

educational ^^

now i'm aware about the dangers of necro-sex

thanks a bunch!


I like how you nonchalantly slipped Jesus in there as a possible necrofuck.

strap a dildo to it or something

that was fucking hilarious har har har :| that was some very good advice!

Execution of timing showing experience

The last 3 jokes were the peak of this flash, so this flash gets a good mark for peaking towards the end, the best time to peak, when I like it.

I must tell you that this is quite the surreal watch after playing fallout 3, because it is as if you are giving some necrophile instructions for Fallout 3.

I am going to search for dead bodies to hump after watching this flash, I really don't know why.

6/10 3/5.


I still liked the one you did with the triceratops! This was funny though. You forgot to mention that necrophelia is illegal though. You lost points on that. You made it seem like it was OK to fuck a corpse. The concept is funny, but still gross. Keep it up!