Reviews for "T.V. Sex Pals P.S.A. #1"

Go back and burn the bodies!

That was......interesting to say the least. The zombie part probably my favorite just cause the pics and the fact their conversation the whole time. And yes, this got front page cause it funny as hell man good job.

DropTrou responds:

That "burn the bodies" thing is a reference to the crimson heads from the resident evil remake for the cube.


its awsome but thts not the original sex pals and the book Of Mice and Men suck i read it

Ya got frontpage cuz this is funny as hell. XD

I won't say anythin else of the content cuz I already said all that can be. XD
BTW the graphics are great and the animations are smooth. I didn like tha jesus pic being at the end but I won't blame ya for it, this is still funny.
Well great flash and hope to see more of these so keep it up. :D


That was fucked up and weird, but also really funny

hahahahaha too funny.

*if you doing it to a female,you might as well be fucking sand paper*

I remember having a really weird conversation about this once, and we covered everything said here!
classic "weird" topic!