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Reviews for "Super Smash Bros RPG EP1"

it was interesting.

waiting to see what you do with the story. but no offense but the combat was kinda boring.

and i dont see how the weak attack is the fireball which dosnt take up any mp, but the strong attack which is just some punches does.

a good start

that was a very good start to your series. now since u have to continue the series, make sure to add more details, attacks, maybe powerups idk just add more things to it to make your series different from others. this series i think lots of people think has the potential to be a good series. keep going and add more and anyone would like it :)


It needs more to it. This could be considered an interactive movie, not really an RPG. Add some exploration, more battles, exp. system, items to collect, an intuitive system of power-ups, minor platforming, secret rooms, minigames, the ability to talk to characters, multiple story paths, customizable costumes, and more fighting moves. Then i could say this was great.

I...LOVE IT!!!!!!

this is absolutley great! an idea is to make the fighting scenes 250hp for the enemy and 1000 for mario/other allies. plus,i would be glad to help you with the story

This is really Good.

It just needs to be a Longer.